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Reggae EZkeys MiDi WiN NEW!

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Reggae EZkeys MiDi WiN NEW!

Description: Midi grooves for Toontrack EZkeysSpecial thanks to: rodderss2s, NattyTop84,, loshhilov, volutes and clauio for their help in assembling all midi grooves! Update 09/30/2021:

Thought I might try a few. I can get midi packs for $10.00 each. Is this a decent value or too much How limited are they & how many tunes can you get out of one pack before you start repeating ideas

The EZKeys midi is actually very useful and you don't have to use the style they come with. There's a lot of variations/styles/genres that can be generated from a midi pack (don't let the title fool you).

That is a very good price for those. Thay are not limited at all. Most of the packs (the good ones at least) are not genre specific enough to cause a problem. Latin and Boogie would be, but most of the others, no. My favorite is still Gospel and you can use it anywhere. You dont have to only use 1 pack with any one song you're doing. Being a guitar player I am a "one hand wonder" and I use EZ Keys to build the song. Often take out the right hand with midi editing in the DAW and play some right hand into it. You can copy the left hand onto another track and use it for bass guitar. There are some very good tutorials at Groove3 with Luke Oswald building songs with EZ Keys and EZ Drummer. It would be worth 1 months subscription to study those. You can use change the voicing for chords, change notes in the chords. I would not be afraid it would sound like someone else's song. The jazz are pretty much jazz but most the others could be used for anything no matter what genre you are in. Most are just rock and pop. Listen to the demos see what sounds usable to you.

Me not being a piano player, after I finish adjusting the midi like I want/need in my DAW, I bring it back into EZ Keys and that's when it really comes alive. It's like having an accomplished player at your disposal.

Rhythm is undeniably to most underpinning element of reggae music. Together with the drums, bass is the glue that holds it all together and gives a platform for guitars, keys and other instruments to shine through.

In this MIDI pack you'll find a broad library of rhythms which span the entire diverse range of reggae that has been produced over the last 5 decades. Ranging from 90BPM to 197BPM and with intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus and bridge sections, there are tons of options here to get the groove going. 1e1e36bf2d