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Lego Universe ((FREE)) Free Pc Download Full Version

Download File :::

Lego Universe ((FREE)) Free Pc Download Full Version

well i'm sure glad they finally got around to this...honestly i think they should have released this WAAAYYY sooner. it's too much money for the target audience, and the people who have the money for memberships usually dont have time for this. I just downloaded the free-play and....ya

It's been free to download since at least Saturday when I actually did that. What I can say after a half hour of play is that it's a fun game. It should have been this way since the beginning. Maybe after I start playing it a few more times and I get to see the NinjaGo expansion, I might end up getting the membership,

@The_Box "access to new expansions, like major Ninjago content coming later this year, will require players to register for full membership." So you will need the membership first to check it out... @kipper147 so you'll only get a membership if it's for free (two times a $5 drop on a $10 a month price)

Cool! The game didn't seem to be doing very well, since they keep putting up ads everywhere and having sales and discounts. Now they FINALLY have a free version, like they should have had from the beginning!

About time too isn't it I mean, c'mon everyone, this is a LEGO game we are talking about, online too.Online games should be free-especially a LEGO game. I will not be downloading the game, even if it IS free, I have been put off LEGO UNIVERSE forever, it should have been free from the start. Even though this is a smart idea on LEGO's part, I think the majority of LEGO fans will give this a miss.(P.S. itsaturkey is right- LU is a flop!)

Finallt downloaded it as my computer was playing up and am really enjoying it. Wish it was complelty free as i wouldn't pay 7.99 a month for full version.Hope thy make it fuly free to all soon.

I downloaded the game for free, but so far it seems mediocre at best. I was hoping to see fantastical Lego spires built into the game, and the ability to build and use whatever you want, but so far I am disappointed. The best thing so far is the minifigure monument in Avant Gardens. :-) Still, I am not a gamer, and probably never will be.

I bought the game for $10 a few months ago because they were still offering the Nexus Astronaut figure as a freebie with purchase (missed out on the rocket, but whatev) and a free month of play (I think that was basically standard, though). I'm not upset that it's now free, because I got the minifigure in addition which I wouldn't have gotten by downloading the free-to-play version. What I'm wondering is whether or not I can log in to LU through the disc version and access the free-to-play areas now that my free month is up, or do I need to download the new version in order to play without a subscription Or is there some sort of software update that will upgrade the installed disc version to work with free-to-play I just got a new MacBook Pro, and haven't installed LU on it yet, and would like to know whether or not it's a waste of my time to do so.

@vynsane thats a good question... Hopefully you can still play the free version. I agree with you about the fig though, I got him a while ago by trading with a friend who had bought the game and I like him. I mean its simple enough, but he was one of my first little exclusive things.

Originally launched as an in-store retail PC game on October 26, 2010 by distributor Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) for $50, starting this August the game will be available for free via digital download. Sales of the retail PC game, which currently sells for $20, will be discontinued permanently.

Lego Universe became available for normal order on October 27, 2010. The Normal Order shipped with only the Lego Universe DVD and one month of free game time, though promotions did occasionally arise which provided additional exclusive items. The game was also available for download online, through services such as Steam.

The LEGO Group today announced plans for an upcoming free

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