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Printer Buying Guide 2017


Samsung has somewhat of a monopoly on this slot and even after reviewing mono printers this year, we still can't find a better mono printer in 2018 than the Xpress M2885fw. This printer has it all, automatic 2-sided printing, wireless, a comprehensive feature list, bonus paper trays and more. It's a beast of a machine that very much deserves it's best mono office printer of 2017 recommendation. Read the full Samsung Xpress M2885fw review.

That's where our guide to the best 3D printers can help. We've tested many different printers available at different price levels that can produce all sorts of output. As a result, we can point you toward top 3D printers that cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to those that command four-figure price tags for their sophisticated features. The end result is recommendations for the best 3D printers that fit any budget.

Our best advice is to research the cost of paper and dye kits before you purchase any printer. After all, print media is how printer companies have traditionally made most of their profits, and you might be buying a lot of it! 59ce067264